English Sentence Completion – Set 2 – English – Free PDF Download

English Sentence Completion – Set 2 – English – Free PDF Download

  1. One who does not believe in God
  2. One who knows everything
  3. One who is present everywhere
  4. One who is all powerful
  5. One who acts against religion
  6. One who offers one’s services
  7. One who hates mankind
  8. One who eats human flesh
  9. One who lives at the same time
  10. One who is more than a hundred years old
  11. One who is 80 years old
  12. One for whom the world is a home
  13. One who is indifferent to pain and pleasure
  14. One who is given to pleasures of flesh
  15. One who studies things of the past
  16. One who does not drink wine
  17. One who is new to a profession
  18. One who is a habitual drunkard
  19. One who knows many languages
  20. One who cuts precious stones
  21. One who deals in cattle
  22. One who cures eye diseases
  23. One who loads and unloads ships
  24. One who compiles a dictionary
  25. One who walks in one’s sleep
  26. One who talks in one’s sleep
  27. One who breaks images or church images
  28. One who retires from society to love a solitary life
  29. One who has special skill in judging art, music
  30. A cluster of houses in a village
  31. A case in which the sword is kept
  32. A cure for all diseases

Q.  The mounting pressure was so overwhelming that he ultimately ______ to her wish
1. Agreed in
2. Cowed in
3. Gave in
4. Yielded in

Q.  The transfer of territories could not take place because one state ______ the findings of the Commission
1. Objected
2. Questioned
3. Rejected
4. Disputed

Q.  The bureaucrat was _____ for his role in the scam
1. Reinstated
2. Criticised
3. Indicted
4. indited

Q.  The communalists represent the _____ of everything noble we have inherited from our culture and history
1. Antagonism
2. Immorality
3. Antidote
4. antithesis

Q.  The government is confident that the standard of living will begin to _____again soon
1. Revive
2. Lift
3. Flourish
4. rise

Q.  The soldiers were instructed to______ restraint and handle the situation peacefully
1. Exercise
2. Control
3. Prevent
4. Enforce
5. remain

Q.  My friend took his first pay to the bank to _____ it in his account
1. Deposit
2. Deficit
3. Debit
4. Demote

Q.  My friend took his first pay to the bank to _____ it in his account
1. Deposit
2. Deficit
3. Debit
4. demote

Q.  Family planning is essential for curbing the rapid ____ in population
a. Spread
b. Increase
c. Spurt
d. augment

Q.  The ties that bind a family together are ______ that they can hardly withstand any strain
1. Tenacious
2. Twisted
3. Tenuous
4. tentative

Q.  The stenographer is very efficient. He is _______ to his firm
1. A credit
2. A blessing
3. An asset
4. A boon

Q.  The young man lost his way in the forest and found that he had become a/ an _____ to the dacoits
1. Enemy
2. Adversary
3. Decoy
4. quarry

Q.  He sold property because he was under a lot of ______
1. Account
2. Debt
3. Loan
4. credit

Q.  He was an ______ who was fond of weird pets
1. Ambitious
2. Amiable
3. Eccentric
4. emotional

Q.  He bought new shoes last month but they are already ____ out
1. Given
2. Gone
3. Knocked
4. worn

Q.  He knew everything better than anybody else, and it was an affront to his ______ vanity that you should disagree with him
1. Overwrought
2. Overwhelming
3. Overweening
4. overstrung




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