Idioms and Phrases Practice Set 1 – English – Free PDF Download

Idioms and Phrases Practice Set 1 – English – Free PDF Download

To meet one’s waterloo

  • To meet one’s defeat
  • To encounter one’s ultimate obstacle and to be defeated by it
  • Use
  • After beating dozens of challengers, the champion finally met his Waterloo

To have several irons in the fire

  • So many engagements at a time
  • To be involved with many activities or jobs at the same time
  • If that job application doesn’t work out I’ve got a couple more irons in the fire

To die a dog’s death

  • Unheroic death
  • Miserable; shameful; dishonorable death
  • To die in a manner that is unpleasant and demeaning
  • I know you dislike her but I refuse to let anyone just die like a dog, sick and homeless.  She needs our help immediately

 To play ducks and drakes

  •  To squander money
  • To behave recklessly; to idly squander one’s wealth

A cry in the wilderness

  • An irrelevant effort
  • One who expresses an unpopular opinion or idea
  • Someone whose suggestions are ignored
  • She was a voice crying in the wilderness as she tried to expose the vast corruption within the organization

Cut the Gordian knot

  • To perform

To have one’s heart in the right place

  • To be kind

To bury the hatchet

  • To make peace

 To set Thames on fire

  •  To do some markable or surprising things
  • To be at the end of one’s tether
  •  To have no resources left
  • Having no strength or patience left
  • By seven o’clock after a busy day I’m at the end of my tether

 Question Set 1

 Never take up a fool’s errand

  1. To go with a message
  2. One who takes a message
  3. A useless undertaking
  4. An observation

an effort that is unlikely to be successful: It’s a fool’s errand trying to get Lena to join in anything.

Q. Vishwanath pulled a long face when the sweets were over

  1. To look disappointed
  2. Feel good
  3. Retreat
  4. Run away

long face A facial expression denoting sadness./ anger

  Q. In this competition there is complete FAIR PLAY

  1. Honest means
  2. No cheating
  3. Good chances
  4. Good name

Q. To be fair and square pays in the long run

  1. Successful
  2. Honest
  3. worthy

Q. The poor women do manual labour even when they are in the family way

  1. In a domestic manner
  2. Unwell
  3. Injured
  4. pregnant

Q. He tried to curry favour with his employer

  1. To seek favourable attention
  2. To attract
  3. Impartial attitude
  4. To see in a spirit of joy

Q.  Backbiters have generally to cut a sorry figure in the company of friends

  1. A nominal head
  2. To fight to a finish
  3. To be ridiculed
  4. To struggle

Q.  I have burnt my fingers in this speculative deal and am today penniless

  1. Incur loss of property
  2. To get into unexpected trouble
  3. To burn one’s finger
  4. To get confused

Q.  The leader must have the lion’s share of the booty

  1. The stronger one
  2. The smaller part
  3. The worthy part
  4. The larger part

Q. The project of building ended in smoke

  1. To give no practical result
  2. To fall
  3. To catch fire
  4. Ended in the destruction of the building




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