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About me

Hi, I am Shubham Chand, I have qualified SBI PO 2018 and I am from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. I have done my education from the Madan Mohan Malviya Institute of Technology, Gorakhpur, UP.

Why do I want to join the government sector?

The government sector provides us job security, respect in society and stability for the long run in life. I was placed in a company from my college but after talking to my seniors I came to know about the pros and cons of working in a private sector. Then I decided to prepare for the government examinations.

How I started my preparation?

Four months of preparation is enough to qualify a banking exam if and only if you have prepared whole-heartedly in those four years.

I am a morning person hence like to study in the morning. I like to study those subjects in the morning in which we have to retain the things in our mind for the long term as our mind remains fresh in the morning.  Subjects like General Awareness, English, and Vocabulary can be studied in the morning.

Take rest for some time and do reasoning. Solve some puzzles and then switch to Quantitative Aptitude when your mind needs to think conceptually after studying the other two subjects from the beginning of the day.

Structure of the banking exam and some strategies followed by me

There are three stages of banking exam. Stage 1 is prelims and stage 2 is mains followed by an interview for the post of PO.

For prelims, I used to select good questions from each chapter in each section from books then used to solve these questions in 20 minutes from each subject. Solve a maximum number of quizzes as it will help you to increase your speed which is necessary to qualify prelims.

In Reasoning, I used to solve puzzles first to score good marks as one puzzle fetches you five marks. After solving puzzles I used to do the rest of the questions.

In English, please start developing reading habits as English needs reading skills. For this, you can practice Reading Comprehensions, read The Hindu newspaper; The Economic Times as reading newspapers not only improves your reading skills but also makes you aware of the financial news and improves vocabulary. For Grammar, refer any basic English grammar book like Wren Martin, and start applying rules in different questions to memorize them.

For mains, do not rely on short tricks in the quantitative aptitude section as the mains exam consists of questions that need a clear concept to solve them. The concepts are very important for doing the quant section of the mains exam.

The logical reasoning section checks how much a candidate is logically sound and can think of different ways to solve a puzzle.

For English, follow the same procedure as of prelims and take a calculative risk by using the method of elimination to solve the questions whose answers you don’t know.

For General Awareness, I used to watch the current affairs video of Gaurav Garg sir from Study IQ as it covers static awareness also in addition to the current affairs and banking awareness. What you can do is write down the news and revise it for a minimum of 10 days in the morning.

Practice Quantitative Aptitude and Logical Reasoning sets by Tarun Jha sir if you are in search of the best quality questions for the mains exam.

For Interview, dress up in formals. The financial news of the current is very important for the interview. You can’t simply answer yes or no in an interview but you have to give your opinion, your thoughts about the questions asked by the interviewer.

I used to watch The Hindu Analysis by Prashant Mavani sir daily as it helps us in making opinions for different topics that can be discussed in the interview and which helps us in GD as well.

Last words

At last, I would say, prepare very well for GA as it is the deciding factor in qualifying the exam. Watch current affairs video by Gaurav Garg sir as many times as you can for memorizing them. If you managed to score 30 marks out of 40 then no one can stop you from taking the final selection.

Finally, I want to thank the Study IQ team for giving me a platform to express my views and thoughts. I am highly obliged to be here as this institution has given me a lot because the exams I cleared is due to GA and Study IQ has played an important role in making my GA so strong. Thanks to Gaurav Garg sir and Prashant Mavani sir. Thanks to Study IQ.