Toppers Talk

Toppers Talk

  • Interviewer : Tell us something about yourself?

Ritu :  I am from Alwar (Rajasthan) and have done my graduation in  hindi honours.

  • Interviewer : Ritu you are married and have a son of age 7.5 years, what motivated you?

Ritu :  I always wanted to do something of my own and wanted to prove myself that is why I started with a gap.

  • Interviewer :What was your strategy for the Prelims  exam?

Ritu : Give a mock regularly on a daily basis, analyse each and every question and I always try to see in how many ways a particular question can be done.

Did my regular study from 7 to 8 hours including mock test analysis.

  • Interviewer : What was your strategy for the Mains exam?

Ritu :Study only for mains from the starting. Gk and banking awareness is included in the mains paper.

General awareness is a deciding factor for both mains and interview. Gk should be strong. Follow current affairs from 5 to 6 months before the exam.

General awarenessI followed Gaurav Garg sir for the series of daily current affairs,I used to make notes from the daily current affair video by Gaurav Garg sir.I used to do the daily revision of the daily current affairs.

English :Practice Reading Comprehension and follow Newspapers like The Hindu on a daily basis.

Maths : Practice a lot. Solve as many questions as possible. At first clear your basic concepts and after that go for higher level questions. I went for mock tests and analyzed the questions. I tried to improve my speed through all this.

Reasoning – Give short quizzes on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid of puzzles in reasoning. One puzzle can fetch you 5 marks straight. Keep 5-6 minutes for rest of things in reasoning.

  • Interviewer : What was your exam room strategy?

Ritu : Start from simple questions first and then move on to the tough questions , whenever you attempt any section.

  • Interviewer : What message would you like to give to fellow aspirants?

Ritu : Do practice of the subjects more than to study only.

  • Leave negativity
  • The constituency is the key to success
  • Give mock daily
  • Remain focused towards your goal and do not get distracted with other exams.

I want to thank Gaurav Garg sir for the series of daily current affairs on Studyiq Youtube channel.

Thank you