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SBI PO 2020 Topper Interview – Cleared by Deepankar Jangid in 1st attempt

  • Interviewer-Congratulations on passing this exam; could you please tell us what motivated you to pursue a career in banking?

Deepankar-I attempted the GATE exam twice and failed both times, so I switched to the banking industry for a quick job role and a prominent career.

  • Interviewer-Tell us about your experience after appearing for the GATE exam and entering into the banking industry.

Deepankar-I was good in reasoning, maths, and English as these subjects carry weightage in the GATE exam too, so I had to put my efforts into the current affairs section.

  • InterviewerWhat was your strategy for the Prelims exam?

Deepankar-My technique was simple: I began giving mock exams on the first day of my banking preparation. Always see the percentile in mocks.

  • InterviewerWhat was your strategy for the Mains exam?

Deepankar-For both the mains and the interview, general awareness is a deciding criterion. Gk should be strong.

Quant and reasoning get a little difficult in mains examination.

As a result, general awareness is the sole section that gives you an advantage in the exam.

  • Interviewer-Tell us your journey in detail with Study IQ.

Deepankar-I began my journey in October 2019, when I applied for IBPS PO for the first time and was unsuccessful in the interview.

I stumbled across Gaurav Sir’s course in July 2020 and purchased it.

I used to write down whatever further information sir provided in the video.

In my SBI PO exam, questions were directly based on their explanations.

I strictly adhered to the 300 best current affairs and banking awareness provided in Gaurav Sir’s course.

  • InterviewerWhat was your strategy for Mocks?

Deepankar-As soon as the SBI PO prelims notification was released, I began giving mocks.

Mocks are quite important.

Daily, complete 1-2 mocks and don’t forget to analyse them.

You will learn about your strengths and flaws while giving mocks.

You’ll gain insight into how to answer more questions in less time.

  • Interviewer-What all sources did you follow for each section?

Deepankar– For math, I followed RS Agarwal, for English, I followed Neetu Singh, for reasoning, I followed several section-by-section pdfs from the internet, and for current events, I followed the Gaurav sir course.

  • InterviewerWhat was your strategy for the Interview exam?

Deepankar-I have previous interview experience with IBPS PO. I made sure I didn’t make the same mistakes I did at the IBPS interview.

This time, I was more concerned with current affairs.

Simple HR questions were asked this time during my interview.

  • InterviewerWhat message would you like to give to fellow aspirants?

Deepankar-I’d want to stress that you shouldn’t be worried.

Give as many mocks as you can.

Don’t get caught up in one-line daily current affairs, because SBI has started asking questions that demand a thorough comprehension of the subject, which is why I recommended Gaurav Sir’s videos for in-depth information.