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Tips to solve Para-jumbles:

 What are Para-Jumbles?

  • Paragraph jumbles or as they are fondly called Para-Jumble refers to a paragraph wherein the sentences forming it are jumbled. We are required to arrange the sentences in a proper manner such that they link and form a coherent paragraph.

Guidelines to solve-

  1. Read the sentences and try to understand the message of the paragraph.
  2. Look for the sentence that clearly introduces a person, place, concept or committee and try to identify the opening sentence, this will most likely be the opening sentence.
  3. Identify the topic and theme. eg. Topic – Inflation (general); Theme –Congress responsible for Inflation (Specific).
  4. If the sentences are too lengthy do not waste much time and try to be vigilant in spotting ‘special words like connectives, articles, adjectives and pronouns.
  5. Look for crucial clues or linking words, mandatory pairs, introductory statement or Conclusion statement as discussed earlier.
  6. Mandatory pair is a set of statements which seem to come one after the other. Whenever you sense a mandatory pair, just look at the choices. If only one choice has the pair, that might be the answer.
  7. Whenever two sentences come one after the other, there is usually a word which links them. Observe these links then may be able to arrive at a mandatory pair easily.
  8. Take the help of the options to solve the question.

Some indicators words-

  • Introduction – A, An, Nowadays, Beginning.
  • Conclusion – Clearly, Thus, Therefore, Eventually, Finally.
  • Comparison Indicators – Similarly, Likewise.
  • Contrast Indicators – On the one hand, But, Yet, However, Nevertheless, Although.
  • Additional Information Indicators – Also, Additionally.
  • Sequence Indicators – Firstly, Secondly, Thirdly, Lastly.
  • Cause and Effect – Due to, as, since.