Mini Mock – 154 | Maths & Reasoning | PDF Download

Mini Mock – 154 | Maths & Reasoning | PDF Download


  • P, Q, R, S, T, U and V are living in seven floor building, only one person lives in one floor. The ground floor is numbered one, the floor above is numbered two and so on. Who lives in the top floor?
  • Statement I: One person lives between P and Q. Three person live between S and V. R lives immediate above U. P lives immediate below T and lives in the second even numbered floor.
  • Statement II: Two persons live between P and U. One person live between S and T. Q live immediate above T and immediate below V. R lives below P


  • A, B, C, D, E, F, G and H are sitting around a circular table four of them are facing outside the center and four are facing towards the center but not necessarily in the same order. No two similar direction persons are adjacent to each other. What is the position of A with respect of H?
  • Statement I: Neighbor of H are facing towards the center. B is second to the left of C and immediate left of D. E and G are neighbor of C. A is opposite to the G and immediate right of F.
  • Statement II: A and E are neighbor of F. D is third to the left of C who is immediate left of G. One person sits between B and H. D is not adjacent to A.


  • What is the shortest distance of Manish’s home from Sanjay’s home ?
  • Statement I: Manish’s home is 50 m north of Rishabh’s shop. Kishor has to walk 20 m west of Rishabh’s shop from his home. Kishor’s home is 25 m south of Sanjay’s home.
  • Statement II: Sanjay’s home is 30 m north of Gyan’s home which is 50 m east of A2Z General Store. Rohan’s home is 20 m north of A2Z General Store and 40 m south of Manish’s home.


  • In a certain code. What is the code for ‘monsoon’?
  • Statement I: ‘wait for monsoon over’ is written as ‘@ # & £’ and ‘we excited for monsoon’ is written as ‘£ @ % ©’ .
  • Statement II: ‘we enjoy every second’ is written as ‘< % * >’ and ‘every monsoon are same’ is written as ‘+ ? @ <’.
  • Statement III: ‘second time we enjoy’ is written as ‘* % ¥ >’ and ‘time to enjoy monsoon ’ is written as ‘@ * € ¥’.





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